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The 5 Phase Process

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We give you access to one of the most powerful tools in the business—a 5-phase product development process that large corporations use to manage product development. With our expertise, you’ll put into place high-level strategies to help you make timely, informed decisions, minimize risks, optimize your profits, and drive your product to success.

Can you answer these questions?

  • Is your idea patentable?
  • Is anybody else already doing what you want to do?
  • Which of your products is the best one to pursue?
  • Can it be produced at a reasonable cost?
  • What ROI can you expect?
  • Can you ensure that your patent can’t be broken?
  • What are the best manufacturing processes to use?
  • When should you be ready for volume production?
  • Will the public like the end result? Will the product sell?

Most small business inventors cannot answer these and the other countless questions that need to be asked along the journey of product development. Our 5-phase product development process will help you avoid the pitfalls, leverage the opportunities, and give you the metrics and timing to give you the greatest opportunity to succeed.

What are the five phases?

Our five phases of product development take your product from your “Ah-Ha” moment to full production and distribution onto retailers’ shelves in a strategic and organized way. It helps you assess your risks as accurately as possible, minimize costs in the short and long term, choose the right manufacturers, make countless other significant decisions, and ultimately sell a great product at a profit.

Phase 1: R&D.
Phase 1 is a low-cost phase when you generate ideas, create a model, get input from others, and do your initial patent research. There are many questions that need to be answered before you proceed to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Pencil to paper.

In Phase 2, you look into what it would really take to proceed with your new product. How much time, testing, and engineering will be needed to move the project forward? You’ll formulate a master plan to include timelines and budgets. You’ll make decisions about raising capital to cover the costs. If you’re ready, you’ll file a provisional patent. At this point, with all of the metrics at your fingertips, you’ll make an informed decision about continuing to the next step where you’ll make a substantial investment in the future of your exciting product.

Phase 3: When the rubber hits the road.

Now that you’ve got an idea worth investing in, it’s time to hire engineers and have quality manufacturing and customer prototypes developed. You’ll make decisions about branding, packaging, presentation, and photo shoots; you’ll inform yourself about regulatory compliance; you’ll perform a variety of critical tests. In essence, you’ll make it, break it, and fix it to satisfy your end customer and maximize your profit.

Phase 4: Consumer sales testing.

This is your first product launch to help you make decisions about sales and distribution channels. It’s also your opportunity to test the market and get valuable consumer feedback about your product. What do they like and don’t like? What’s the optimal pricing structure? Can you make the price work for the product and the consumer?

Phase 5: Refinement.

In the fifth and final phase, you fine-tune your product for mass production. Based on the customer feedback you collected in Phase 4, you make the improvements and enhancements that are necessary to hit the sweet spot for your market. Because of your due diligence, you will have the right product at the right price sold to the right market. And you’ll be ready for mass production when the Big Box stores come knocking on your door.

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We take pride in the relationships we’ve developed with engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers who provide high quality, reliable work at reasonable rates. We work closely with our vendors and have developed a rich network of on-demand creatives, designers and engineers that we can recommend for you. From industrial designers, software developers, and mechanical engineers, to graphic designers and 3D modeling professionals, we’ll connect you with the experts you need to get the job done well at the best possible price.

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After years of working with corporations to streamline and optimize product development, we now bring our expertise to individual inventors like you to get the edge you need to forge a path to success.

In short, we are committed to helping you get your product to market successfully, efficiently, and profitably.

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