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We’ve been helping large corporations successfully drive new products to market for a long time.

Now it’s your turn.

For over 25 years, D Squared founder, Dan Rothweil, bsee,msel, has helped drive products to success for such corporations as aerospace manufacturer ROHR Industries, General Atomics Fusion Research, and CYMER, a maker of complex lasers used in semiconductors.

With a uniquely thorough grasp of the product development cycle, Rothweil launched D Squared to bring to individual inventors like you the key strategies used by large corporations to successfully launch new products. These methods can help you get your product to the marketplace with as much profit and consumer acceptance as possible.

Bringing a new idea to market profitably involves many complexities that require expertise and experience. D SQUARED will help you tackle each of the steps to achieve the best possible success for your great idea:

  • learn how and when to choose a product to run with
  • avoid costly mistakes in every phase of the process
  • create a Master Plan that includes risk-reducing contingency plans
  • reduce potential risks at every turn
  • know what to expect in each phase of your process so you can master it
  • and so much more

Over the years, D Squared has cultivated extensive relationships with key engineers and other experienced professionals who can help guide your idea to success in the marketplace:

  • patent experts

  • software developers

  • hardware design

  • prototype design

  • 3D modeling

  • control system engineering

  • power engineering

  • mechanical engineering

  • safety and compliance

  • manufacturing

  • reliability testing

  • feasibility testing

  • procurement

  • assembly

  • stress testing

  • upgrades

  • marketing

  • retrofitting

  • transportation

  • shipping

  • budget planning

  • and more

Business Leader, Engineer, Consultant, and multi-patent-holder, Dan Rothweil, BSEE, MSEL, has been guiding products to success for 25 years

Now associated with 15 successful patents, Rothweil works with you to give your exciting ideas all of the advantages of big-business product development—at a price you can afford.

Associated United States Patents:

9,107,554: Cleaning implements having magnetic means
8,132,585: Collapsible food-protective enclosure
7,743,455: Cleaning implements having magnetic means
7,681,276: Cleaning implements having magnetic means
7,628,165: Portable Enclosure, Collapsible Enclosure Comprising a Plurality of Structural Support Beams, December 12, 2009.
6,330,261: Reliable, Modular, Production Quality Narrow-Band High Rep Rate ArF Excimer Laser, December 11, 2001.
6,240,112: High Pulse Rate Power System with liquid Cooling, May 29, 2001.
6,151,346: High Pulse Rate Pulse Power Systems with Fast Rise Time and Low Current, Nov 21, 2000.
6,128,323: Reliable, Modular, Production Quality Narrow-Band High Rep Rate Excimer Laser, October 3, 2000.
6,028,872: High Pulse Rate Power System with Resonant Power Supply, February 22, 2000.
6,018,537: Reliable, Modular, Production Quality Narrow-Band High Rep Rate F2 Laser, January 25, 2000.
5,991,324: Reliable, Modular, Production Quality Narrow-Band KrF Excimer Laser, November 23, 1999.
5,982,795: Excimer Laser Having Power Supply with Fine Digital Regulation, November 9, 1999.
5,936,988: High Pulse Rate Pulse Power System, August 10, 1999.

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